Fifth Newborn Photography Workshop in Switzerland

In the embrace of Switzerland’s natural beauty, a group of passionate souls and I embarked on an intimate newborn photography workshop. This wasn’t just about capturing images; it was about embracing the magic of those tender beginnings. The experience left my heart brimming with gratitude, and I can hardly wait for what our next chapter holds.

Creating Little Worlds

Our journey began with crafting cozy setups, ensuring every babe felt warm and secure. It’s those little details that make a portrait feel like a moment caught in time.

Styling with Heartbeats

Styling was more than arranging props; it was about weaving emotions into each frame. We discovered that photography isn’t just about clicking; it’s about letting your heart guide your lens.

Capturing the Glimpses in Settings

Understanding camera settings came next, and we decoded the mystery together. We learned to capture fleeting expressions, preserving the purest moments forever.

Playing with Light and Shadows

The soft dance of studio lighting took us into another world. We learned to play with light, creating enchanting images that felt like whispers of a newborn’s first moments.

Angles that Hold Emotions

Angles became our language, speaking the emotions we wanted to convey. Each angle became a brushstroke, painting stories with the simplest gestures.

Stitching Dreams Frame by Frame

We explored the process – from cradling babies on beanbags to placing them in adorable props. Each step was a stitch in the canvas of storytelling.

Wraps of Comfort and Warmth

Practicing wrapping techniques was like holding a tiny secret. We learned that photography isn’t just about visuals; it’s about making every moment cocooned in comfort.

Safety and Love Unwrapped

Safety was our compass. We discussed not just techniques but also the love and care that goes into every frame – a reminder that each click holds the trust of families.

Sharing Hearts through Pixels

We explored the digital realm, discovering how social media can carry our passion to corners we’ve never seen. Photography is a bridge, connecting hearts across screens.

Real Moments, Unfiltered Joy

The highlight was our time with three precious newborns. Those chubby cheeks and tiny fingers held more magic than we could imagine.

Our Journey, Our Story

To those who joined me, thank you for weaving your stories with mine. To those who couldn’t, don’t worry – the journey continues. Keep an eye out for upcoming workshops – each one an opportunity to capture life’s whispers, one click at a time. Until then, keep smiling, keep learning, and keep letting your heart guide your lens.

Gessica Auciello

The workshop with dear Daniela was phenomenal. She explains everything with a lot of love and patience. I heartily recommend her. Thank you dear Daniela

Rosalba Gattella

I’m deeply grateful for the incredible moments and valuable learning in our workshop. Your passion and expertise in capturing beautiful newborn moments have touched me profoundly. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and creating an emotional experience that will forever inspire my own photography journey.
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