Capturing life’s most precious moments is a passion, while teaching others all my knowledge is a blessing.

I am Daniela and I want to help you become the best newborn photographer you can be.

The newborns are so beautiful and delicate that I couldn’t imagine a more suitable photographic style to express their tenderness. Through fine art photography, I can create portraits that embody the innocence and purity of babies.

In the magical world of artistic photography, the camera becomes a mere tool to capture newborns’ beauty. Thus, the story of each portrait begins just before I take the photographs. I carefully plan each detail to obtain a harmonious image – from props and decorative elements to positioning and light.

This branch of photography has given me the freedom to express my vision and feelings and travel all over the world, teaching other photographers.

As a mentor, I enjoy sharing my knowledge on the art of newborn photography. I love helping others grow and find their own style. Seeing the instant gratification on my trainees’ faces after capturing the images they envisioned is priceless.

Contact me to set up a mentoring session or a workshop. I would love to help you along your journey.


Since the beginning of my career, I always enjoyed to share my work and knowledge. Now, I am proud to say that newborn phtographers from all around the world appreciate my work.

National and International Mentoring Sessions
First Newborn Photography Guide in Romania

Results I've Helped Create

Amit Barot
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“Our first workshop was so amazingly perfect. Such a talented and humble tutor, incredible attendees, and above all the most prettiest models on earth. . A Big Thank you to Daniela Ursache for making it so enjoyable and successful.”
Alexandra Mihaela
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“Daniela is one of the most amazing newborn photographers. I am following her work for more than 7 years and I finally got to participate in one of her workshops. She was really good with the babies and showed us all the posing techniques and retouching. I am so happy that I've learned so much from her. She is a calm and wonderful person. Thank you Daniela!”
Yulia Selivanova
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“I highly recommend attending a workshop with Daniela, and I regret not having had an opportunity to do a training with her earlier. She shows her students her workflow and teaches efficient posing, different tricks to sooth fussy babies, angles, styling, editing. Watching her handle the newborns was quite amazing. A true artist when it comes to aesthetics of her images starting from styling, composition, colors and editing.”
Oxana Smirnova
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“This workshop was beyond my expectations. The style and knowledge of Daniela were totally amazing. She is a sweet, patient, and kind person. Learned so much and am so glad I was able to be a part of this day! I highly recommend this workshop and look forward to putting these skills to use.”
Valli Prakki
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“Daniela is an amazing mentor. She was extremely patient, communicating with each one of the participants and helping us learn more by answering every question we had for her. Thank you once again Daniela. It was a pleasure learning from you.”
Freydís Fotograf
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“Attended a workshop in Norway. Daniela is a good teacher very patient and calm. She taught us all her poses, wrapping technique, lighting and editing. I would recommend this workshop for beginner to professional photographers.”
Anna Carlsson
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“Very good workshop with Daniela! So generous and kind, and very talented!”
Victoria Rausch
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“Daniela is a highly recommended photographer who is good with babies. She takes her time and calms the babies down with a calm and relaxed hand. Thank you for your time.”
Verena P.
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Daniela is a very calm and patient teacher and of course a great photographer. I highly recommend her workshops to all who want to learn from her!
Jenny Havens
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“Such a talented newborn photographer! Her newborn workshop was a wonderful experience. She is an amazing mentor and highly recommend!”
Mihai Gonguta - Photo Studio
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“First of all, I would like to thank you for this workshop, it was an unforgettable experience that changed my vision of newborn photography. I recommend it wholeheartedly!”
Sanja Balceva Photography
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“We had a wonderful workshop with Daniela, she can handle any baby with ease, always knows how to calm it down, she taught her amazing posing techniques and showed us in detail the lovely and cute ways of wrapping (flower, bow, butterfly, crisscross wrap etc). Daniela is an amazing photography coach and the loveliest of all I have met so far. I am very happy to have met her and that i had the chance to spend a wonderful weekend with her. I can highly recommend booking a workshop with her!”
Bediha Ö
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“Sehr professionell und eine tolle Fotografin kann ich nur empfehlen. Sei es für Fotoshooting und auch als Coaching. Konnte nach meinem Workshop sehr vieles neues lerne.”
Natalie Klein
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“Daniela macht das so toll. Ihre Workshops sind professionell, sehr praxisorientiert mit 3 Neugeborenen und sie beantwortet gerne jede Frage. Ich kann sie nur jedem empfehlen.”
Hasne Kartal
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“Ich hatte im Januar ein Workshop bei dir lieben Daniela. Durch Ihr herzliches Auftreten war sie mir sofort sympathisch. Zum Workshop kann ich nur positives berichten. Sie hat alles detailliert erklärt. Auf alle Fragen hatte sie eine Antwort falls man etwas nicht verstanden hat, wurde man nochmals aufgeklärt. Mein Ziel war weitere Techniken in der Newborn Fotografie zu erlernen. Ich war super zufrieden, hoffe dass sie wieder mal nach Deutschland kommt. Ganz liebe Grüße Daniela, schön dich kennenlernt zu haben. Hasne aus Stuttgart”
Agustin Camino Beta
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“Amazing photographer and person! Highly recommended. Did a 1:1 mentoring session with Daniela and loved it!”
Michelle Rafanan
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“I'm so happy and glad that I did the workshop with Daniela. It brought my newborn photography skills to the next level. I know I still have to practise more, but I think without the workshop it would've taken me years to figure everything out and to come to this level. I also gained so much confidence working with newborns, because Daniela also showed us how she calms fussy babys. I love her work so much and I'm so thankful that she came to Austria and shared her knowledge and experience with us.”
Ingrid Ellhotka
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“Daniela is an excellent newborn photographer and also an excellent seminar leader. She transfers her calmness to the babies and the course participants, creating a particularly good atmosphere. The excellent handling and attention to detail is reflected in her outstanding pictures. Thank you for a wonderful day, I have learned so much. Ingrid”

Me, the photographer

Fascinated by the beauty and gentleness of my little boy, I realized how much I would like to keep the memory of  his first grimaces, gestures and features alive over the years. The only way I could capture the magic of a new beginning was photography. So. since then, I have been capturing unique moments and providing parents with photos that will bring them joy in the future.

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