Newborn Photography Workshop in Akureyri, Iceland

In October, I had the privilege of sharing my art and passion for newborn photography in a dedicated studio in Akureyri, Iceland. The experience was an emotional and discovery-filled journey, and today I want to share this captivating story with you.

Discovering Light and Magic in Newborn Photography

During the workshop, I had the joy of working with three adorable models, exploring the subtleties and magic of newborn photography together. I decided to elevate the lighting by incorporating a flash, crafting images that beautifully portray the authenticity and delicateness of these special moments.

Gratitude for the Opportunity to Teach in Iceland

Teaching this workshop in Iceland was a truly grateful experience. I had the chance to share my knowledge and learn from the participants in return. Each frame captured was an expression of our shared love for this sublime art.

Well-deserved Vacation and Adventures in Iceland

After intense days of teaching and creativity, I took a few well-deserved days off to explore and enjoy the natural beauties of Iceland. It was an opportunity to connect with the stunning landscapes and discover magical places.

Witnessing the Northern Lights for the First Time

An unforgettable moment from this journey was the sensational view of the Northern Lights. In the silence and splendor of the Icelandic night, I witnessed a spectacle of light and color that perfectly complemented this unique adventure.

Continuing the Photographic Journey

This experience in Iceland was truly remarkable and enriched me in unexpected ways. I express my gratitude for having the opportunity to bring my passion for photography to such a special corner of the world.

I invite you to stay updated and connected through my social media accounts to learn more about upcoming adventures and workshops. Thank you for being part of this magical photography journey!

With warmth and light,

Daniela Ursache

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