Image Editing Tutorial

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Image Editing Tutorial


Image Editing Tutorial

Lecturer: Daniela Ursache
Duration: 30 minutes



As a newborn photographer, you need time, passion, and special editing techniques to achieve that soft, dreamy look in your baby portraits.

This video will show you how I edit my images and customize them based on light and the story that I want to tell. I’ll be editing one picture taken with natural light and one picture taken with flash.

I will guide you through my editing process and show you my quick post-processing tips to help you improve your editing workflow.

I edit my images in Camera Raw and Photoshop, using my own actions and presets. You will also receive my actions so you can save precious time when editing your pictures.

At the end of the video, you will gain an understanding of the editing process, and learn how and when to apply these editing tools to give your photos that professional look you are striving for.

Before purchasing this video tutorial, you should know:

  • The Image Editing Tutorial must not be downloaded or recorded in any way.
  • You must not share with other persons the video tutorial or any information provided in the video.
  • Unauthorized use or distribution of the content of the video can give rise to legal liability.



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