Chin on hands bucket pose

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Chin on hands bucket pose


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Chin on hands bucket pose

Lecturer: Daniela Ursache
Duration: 1,5 hours

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Chin on hands bucket is my favourite pose, and I absolutely love doing it at every newborn session. It allows me to showcase their tiny features and accentuate all those small details of their lips, nose, and little fingers. However, this pose is advanced and requires experience, skills, and special training.

Whether you are new to newborn photography or interested in mastering this pose like a professional, this LIVE Course will help you create beautiful portraits without disturbing the baby too much.

You will experience a real chin on hands bucket pose tutorial, and you will have the chance to see the fillings I use in the bucket and basket.

I’ll show you how to achieve this posture regardless of the size or shape of the props. I will also show you how to style your setups and how to get a larger series of images without moving the baby from the bucket.

And most importantly, you will learn the technique by which you can position the baby to have a high success rate, regardless of the baby’s mood.

Please note that I will be answering any questions concerning the chin on hands bucket pose, but I will not discuss other posing or editing techniques.

*When you make the payment, don’t forget to write in the “Details” section the name of your Facebook page so I can add you to the group for the live session.


*Must have Facebook to join the group


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